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Changchun new century decorative Engineering Department is a to excellent of design and excellent of construction combined and into of professional Changchun decoration company, and Changchun decorative company, and Changchun decoration company, and Changchun decoration, and Changchun decorative, and Changchun decoration, and Changchun Office decoration, and Changchun Villa decoration, and Changchun plant decoration, and Changchun Office decoration, and Changchun which home decoration company good, and Changchun best of decoration company, decorative company, company formed mode reference international excellent industry of operation specification and experience, Establish the domestic operations of the market economy system. Mainly engaged in home improvement, tools, old room decoration, shop equipment, design and construction.

Changchun decoration engineering in the new century, the development of the company's "customer plain decoration" business purpose is closely linked in price specifications on the budget, prices in a transparent manner, that detail quantities for each project, each material price.

brand, competitive and decoration markets, companies in the new century by virtue of their professional quality and excellence, create a run in century city, Emerald Shire, Sunshine 100, the Paris garden, famous residences, group manpower, the Arc de Triomphe Metro, a large number of home decorating projects, received unanimous praise from all circles of society.

healthy living, green homes, is our goal and service concept, we believe that, as long as your trust, we will do better.


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