Home improvement needs of designers

A couple of days ago and designers from Beijing talked about design market in China, really think design market has just started in Jinan, which belongs to the design behind the city. People recognition has remained mostly free of Interior designers design level. Don't think designs should be paid for, whether Street decoration company is in print, and so on, are free to design the slogan to drum up business. Accused of making some good companies also have to free design.
Home improvement needs what designers? Qualified designers should have what kind of conditions? I think, first of all ethics, affinity and respect for owners, quick thinking, good owners really think and realize, to project a highly responsible attitude. Loyalty and I want more than 10 designers of our company not only to be a qualified designer.
Industry personnel know that home improvement project can certainly develop soon, but it could also collapse soon. Industry personnel know that decoration company China's average life expectancy is only 2.5 years, Jinan decoration company registered in the industrial and commercial sector have more than more than 3,000, Jinan City, every month there are more than 10 more than decoration companies in business, also decorated with more than more than 10 companies or died down, or go out of business, or even disappearing suddenly! But the design market of Jinan, pure design company under current market conditions would at best be the breadwinner. Night time is often ideas about one question: life in addition to earning money at the same time, and sublimation is not only used to measure value? So, I love the design, love and work together to fight for the hearts of his ideal colleague. I don't think an outfit than the other architectural design, landscape planning and design, and people by the end of the large-scale public equipment, home design to me more attractive and family atmosphere the shape of.
In abroad, countless of professional design company and design firm very hot, Jinan also no reached that a step, Yong hui has through has 10 a spring, front of road also is long, but Yong Hui must to do long company, so, all things to down-to-Earth, I will led Yong Hui of Designer are, with together go hand in hand, for Jinan of decorative design industry, and for Jinan of decorative owners do points real of real of design. BACK
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