Different function rooms, should be installed at different styles

Light bulb energy saving, energy-saving lighting and good, also without releasing too much heat, apply multiple lamps. Energy-saving light bulbs are standard screw, and two kinds of diameter chandelier, one is the standard, you can use the energy-saving light bulbs; one is standard, you cannot use energy-efficient light bulbs. Note to select: lighting is mostly non-energy-efficient products.
4. Safety principles must choose regular manufacturers of lamps. Formal products is the total load, based on the total load, you can determine how much wattage light bulbs to use, especially for long chandelier is most important, that is: number x number of Watts per bulb = total load. Moisture large bathroom, kitchen should use waterproof fittings.
5. Principle of function rooms of different functions, lighting with different styles, lighting should be installed. Living room should be bright, rich choice of lamps bedroom should be used to make people lie in bed and feel the glare of light Fang Yingxuan children use colorful, varied styles of lamps bathroom should use style compact waterproof lighting lamps should choose easy to wipe and clean the kitchen; some require special places may also choose spotlight.
6. Coordination with the overall style of the room lighting to coordinate a variety of lamps of the same room, should maintain coordination of color or style. Such as wooden walls, wooden cabinet, wooden top rectangular balcony, suitable for loading rectangular wooden lamp equipped with wrought iron table, iron glass dining table and chairs, rectangular Hall, suitable for loading rectangular pipe materials of chandeliers; with gold door handles, Golden lamp bedroom suit with golden decoration lamp. BACK
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