Decoration of wall surface processing are also important!

: wall panels wood wood at the request types, specifications, should be graded according to the requirements of the design drawings and shall comply with the following requirements:

frame material generally used red and white pine dry material, moisture content is greater than 12%, thickness should be based on the design requirements, no rot, defects such as knots, split and twist. And antiseptic treatment in advance.

Panel using imported wood panel, thickness 3MM plywood, color, pattern to be as similar as possible. Wood sheet Panel, also imports of dried wood, moisture content is not more than 12%. Thickness: less than 150MM wide, thickness not less than 15MM; needs mosaic panels, of a thickness not less than 20MM, and even requires grain put straight, color, pattern, without knots, twisting, cracking, discoloration and other defects.

Accessories are moisture-proof paper or roofing felt, latex, nails (long nails of surface layer thickness of 2-2.5 times), wood screws, sandpaper, fire retardant paint, wood preservatives or oil asphalt (Asphalt used in roofing, generally use the 10th, 30th).

II: nursing wall grass-roots of construction points check hole and the buried pieces; check doors and Windows hole whether founder vertical, pre buried wood brick or connection iron pieces whether meet requirements; play line; nursing wall Board should according to design requirements prior pop-up installation height of horizontal; making and the installation wood keel; local wood nursing wall Board according to height and room size, made Dragon skeleton, overall or points brand installation; full Takagi nursing wall Board according to room corners and upper and lower keel first leveling, and find straight, by Panel points block size by Shang to Xia do wood standard reinforced, Then according to the design requirements in the neutral nails anyway keel; wood wall stud spacing, when required by the design, 300MM cross joist spacing, vertical joist spacing of 400MM. When such as panel thickness above 10MM, transverse Frame spacing up to 40MM install wood keel parties must attempt to find, in addition to setting aside board thickness, skeleton with the spaces between wood bricks should pad with wooden mats, nailed with nails, each wooden block nailed at least two nails.

three: install both the original planks or plywood panel Panel and used in the same room, should pick a color, pattern similar to; when installing wainscoting, wood rings raised should be placed to, wood grain and color of the adjacent panels should be similar.

when the Panel slightly larger than actual size of joist, net, small plane straight wood grain down the roots, required length when docking, the pattern should be smooth, its connector locations should keep away from eye level range, wood sheathing seams off the ground 1.2M. Meanwhile, joint location must be on a transverse keel. Wood siding when block joints are needed, such as design is not required, often made 6-10MM tanks or eight slots, slots should be on the Center keel.

the Panel plane with a good light, fitting suitable, in the back of the sheathing, put a layer of waterproof paper, formally installed. Apply adhesive nailing at the joint, fixed the nail length of panel thickness of 2-2.5 times, spacing is generally 200MM, nail CAP to beat, with a sharp punch the nail cap down wood grain into the surface layer of 1-2MM.

avoid uneven lax joints or cracks: mainly due to the moisture content in wood, caused by drying shrinkage. Causes of inequality is often due to the small nails, nail spacing is too large, and missing coating adhesives.

avoid siding top weight, rough, split etc: mainly because they do not pay attention to choose thickness and color similar to the wooden bead. Operation before cable check that the top of the wainscoting is straight, if you have any questions correct.

four: the attentions of avoiding pattern disorders, color is not uniform, edges are not straight, and uneven surface, seams with black stripes and seams and lax: mainly because they do not pay attention to selection of fabric and careless operation. Wood species, color, consistent patterns of use in one room: in the Panel before installing, you should design the block size, and each party block attempt to find tryout again after adjusting for repairs and then formally binding.

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