The purchase of solid wood furniture for the five senses authenticity

1th to hear judge nature most solid wood solid wood with oak, pine turpentine, camphor wood have a distinct smell of camphor ... ... But fibreboard, MDF will have a more pungent smell, particularly within the cabinet door or drawer.
2nd observation of the pros and cons of wood furniture the main mechanical parts such as pillars, connections between columns bearing bar close to the ground, there should be no knots or cracks, cracks. Frameworks shall not loose, broken tenons, broken is not allowed. Furniture used Panel parts should be carried out on the edge, various accessories to install no small parts, nails, nail through the spill.
3rd touch inspection quality of polishing put his hand on the surface of furniture, carefully check that the surface is smooth, especially table legs and other parts of coarse, striated coat of paint, the angular position of the paint is paint too thick, and whether there are cracks or air bubbles.
4th listen to check stability of wooden furniture to have security and stability when both doors open 90 degrees, gently pull forward by hand, the Cabinet does not automatically forward; bookcase glass to the edge of the door; mirrors to install back panel and fixed glass. Small pieces of furniture on the floor in your selection for one, gently falling down, if the sound crisp, description of furniture production technology and quality is good.
5th ask carefully check the details BACK
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