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busy and strains of modern life, a warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. But how can I make the home warm and comfortable? Once you have some tips, you can easily create pleasant home. Living at home make up for you from home improvement to home, a series of fashion information, and help you to have a comfortable life.

Miss and Ms Zhu was almost complete the decoration of the House, now half a year later, after the two men visited each other's homes, have found each other there is place like yourself at home, in particular supporting the use of materials. Ms Chu thought he was used to make cabinets wood panels than Miss House of teeth of Chinese FIR Board, and Miss feel that Ms Zhu House Paint, latex paint than their own good, "brush out well and have no smell. "Two different home decoration provided by the company auxiliary, but at that time, two owners agree that spent big bucks to buy the" best "material.

"auxiliary decoration decoration project much? "" Why the company didn't tell me there are other materials to choose? "" If I decoration in the home improvement company, wants to buy other materials used by the company, how should I do it? "With these questions from readers, a survey interview with reporters.

experts advise auxiliary careless how the credibility of this company? Design how? Quality good? Main material: width? Price cheap? These problems seem to be the owners consider most issues in front of home decoration. Association of Jiangsu Province decorated supervision station Gong Ting cautioned that these issues are important, needs to consider, but cement, adhesive, waterproof coating the auxiliary also has an important role in the renovation process. He suggested consumers when choosing a home improvement company, should also be fully renovated auxiliary.

cement mortar wall surface cement-as we all know, wall tile, floor tile without it. But the choice of cement, many owners are often not enough attention. Gong Tingxi, cement, mortar, PuTTY, and are the basis of decoration, lay a good foundation, no matter how good the design and process is useless. "The purchase of cement in regular stores when required to buy the right model. Suitable model of family decoration cement 42.5, if you did not choose the right model, renovation will bring lots of frustration. ”

Gong Tingxi told reporters that many consumers put good bricks in the wall of the House not long after large area hollow phenomenon, some families or even tiles dropping, this is mostly because they chose the wrong cement.

waterproof coating, to waterproof and environmentally friendly waterproofing is hidden in decoration engineering, in the process of renovation, waterproofing coating may not be able to be detected. But when put into use, waterproof do eligibility, emerges at once. If the water problems, not to mention their homes was "TALK BIG", also hurt next door, downstairs neighbor, causing severe economic losses.

Gong Ting reminded owners that in choosing a home improvement company, quality must be careful waterproofing coating, but also aware of its environmental protection. "Some home improvement company to make money, cheap waterproof coatings, waterproofing effect though, because adding too much glue, high levels of formaldehyde, nor desirable. ”

wires and water pipes and electricity need to be particularly wary of weight given to the material. Poor quality of wires hidden within walls, leakage, emergency occurred might at any moment. And power switch are everyday consumables, electrical safety is directly related to his family. Many home improvement company in order to cut costs do not concern quality, cheap, substandard products would not only bring great inconvenience to the daily life, and even poses a security risk.

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