Young room

Young room

first,   hydro

1,   waterproof construction suitable for coating waterproof

2,   waterproofing should do after construction completed and acceptance of concealed work

3,   waterproof construction after the completion of 2 times to do water testing

4,   bathroom waterproofing layer should be not less than 1.8 metres

5,  , such as floor drains, Yin and Yang, pipe place to do waterproofing

6,   floor drain to use deodorant drain

7,   hot and cold pipes Zuo Re right cold

8,   pipes try not to go from the ground

9,   protective layer of cold water pipes in the wall to 1CM, hot water is 1.5CM, so Groove take it deep

10,   with PPR is to consider stamped tile thickness, so the pipes not exposed

11,   just minutes to Cook, wash dishes for a long time, water must buy

12,   taps and basin facilities, has not got a bad

13,   toilet installation can not use cement, silica gel

14,   toilet, faucet installation is completed to protect

15,   to consider when buying a toilet a toilet hole distance


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