Split level

Split level

newly renovated home will meet all kinds of little problems, lived inside the House decoration with some awkward situation. Will teach you some tips here to deal with it.  

cleaning brush paint brush finish paint will soon be glued together, it is difficult to clean. You can wipe with a cloth paint brushes, take a glass of water, drip a few drops of dishwashing liquid, brush put a rinse, paint immediately decomposes into powder loses viscosity, water wash, clean.  

artful addition to paint oils jewelry new walls or floors, often gives off a pungent smell of paint and residue in the room for a long time, making people confused, uncomfortable. At this point you can put two pots of salt water in the Interior, paint will soon be eliminated. If it's wood furniture exudes the smell of paint, can be scrubbed with tea several times, paint will break down faster.  

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